Tavepong Pratoomwong

Based in Bangkok , Thailand

Tavepong Pratoomwong

I have been interested in the art of photography for long time. By the way, I changed into a camera equipment mania when time pass by.

I almost stopped shooting until the end of 2013 when my wife surprised me with a marriage anniversary gift. It was a ticket to Varanasi, India. That ticket, that trip was the turning point of me to take pictures again

After I went back to Thailand I joined the Street Photo Thailand’s activities “365 days in 2014”. It let me go out and taking photos everyday since then…..and Yes I use flash when I Freak Out.

About the photo serie “Freak Songkran”

Every year in the middle of April in Thailand. There is a water festival called Songkran.Its a Traditional new year  and a time of family day.Very long weekend let people going home to join their family.But in another part  of celebration. Its a time to let out the stress in someone life.Many of them find the most funny way to enjoy the water party.Most of foreigner may want to go to Kow Sarn Road or Silom as a landmark of festival in Bangkok.But I found out that outskirts people are excited me in its own unique way.